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What People Say About Tim Eslick

We bought a very old house in Anacortes over a year ago. We had to bring it up to a minimum of par before moving in and needed someone able and willing to first of all work within our limited time frame and our budget. Eslick Custom Homes Inc. did both and more. 

Tim not only had an experienced understanding of the remodeling needs of our old house, he also freely supplied us with his creativity, never cutting corners, always working to respect the old place and just make it better. He, his crew and his subcontractors built us a brand new kitchen, including all the electrical and plumbing work, and it looks as though it has always been there. We love it. He did a number of other jobs, including replacement windows and some doors, everything fits in beautifully with our home. 

We have been very happy with Eslick Custom Homes. The work was done well, on time and within budget. If there were any questions or problems, Tim was just a phone call away. We would recommend him to anyone and continue to use his services as our remodeling continues.

Bill & Linda Grace – Anacortes

We were fortunate to have a neighbor recommend Eslick Custom Homes as a contactor for an extensive remodel of our house purchased in Anacortes. 

The remodel was quite extensive, involving the addition of a third floor deck, new windows and glass on the entire front of the house and other upgrades. 

As the project progressed, we became very confident in Tim Eslick and his crew. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, turned an older dated home into something we are very proud of. The neighbors were all very complementary on how great the house was looking as the project progressed and how impressed they were with the Eslick crew. 

Of great importance, was the confidence we gained in the Eslick team as problems arouse as in any major remodel. Living and working in the Seattle area about 85 miles from Anacortes, we were not able to be on site during the week as the job progressed. When parts of the house were opened up and problems were discovered, Tim would call and or email some pictures of the problem. After discussing the alternatives, Tim would recommend and proceed on the best course of action. We were very fortunate to be able to leave the job in their hands confident that the work would be completed in a professional cost effective manor. 

We have been very pleased with the outcome of the project. We would highly recommend Eslick Custom Homes for any size project. We found them to be a very ethical company providing quality craftsmanship, reasonably priced. 

We intend to hire them again when we begin additional interior remodel work in the future. We found them a pleasure to work with and made it a fun and satisfying project to undertake.

Jim & Linda Ross – Anacortes

Dear Tim,
Thank you so much for your great professinalism on my two story addition. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for introducing me to all of your great sounding jazz endeavors.

Once I get the new addition presentable I hope you and Susie can come for a visit.
Thank you again,

Arlene Wechezak

Arlene Wechezak – Windcrest Lane


Thanks. Stopped by yesterday to see your work and Owen was just finishing up the second coat of stain. You did a nice job matching everything, thanks. 

Hopefully, in the Spring we will repaint the entire building but its set for winter now. 

Take care

Jim Guard, Guard & Asst. AIA – Friday Harbor

Hi Tim, 

As you can imagine, we are deep in ” last minuters “. 

I have turned on the beneath the floor circuit for the pipe heaters. 
The switch in the garage is taped in the ON position. 

You may notice some light showing from the crawlspace vents. 
There are two light bulbs on also. They will burn out w/o effecting the circuit (one supposes). 

The keys to the station wagon and the pickup are in the living room. They are in the little drawer in the dictionary stand. There will be a $ 5 reward for each vehicle saved in case of fire. 

See you in December. We feel lucky to have found you. 

Simone says hi. 


Daan VanAlderwerelt – Anacortes

Tim provides an extensive menu of services to homeowners. Once I purchased my home in Mt. Vernon, it took me another three months before I could complete my move from the East Coast. Tim’s “House Watch” service was great. He made daily visits to my new home and checked it inside and out. As a contractor, he has an eye for spotting problems and could follow up with necessary repairs that would otherwise go undetected and unresolved. Tim’s best service is the “Peace of Mind” that came from knowing that my house was being well cared for in my absence…

Bill P. – Conway Washington

We bought a house in Anacortes, WA in October 2010. We spent our first Summer here in 2011. During the Winter months we were at our home in Baton Rouge, LA. We hired Tim to do the house watch service for us. What a wonderful decision that was !! We contracted with him to close up and winterized the WA house then open it back up for us in the Spring upon our arrival. He did a weekly check on the exterior and interior of the house during our absence. He did that and more. We returned to a “well cared for” home. Everything was perfect. We are so glad we found Tim Eslick. 

Judy Leftoff 
Anacortes, WA

Judy and Larry Leftoff – Anacortes