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Services Provided

 Long-time builder Tim Eslick is well-acquainted with the structural details and plumbing, electrical, and heating systems in homes of all ages.


Exterior Needs:


  • Visual Security Checks, doors and windows
  • Perimeter yard debris pick up
  • Check vehicles, boats, out-buildings
  • Will also check moored vessels

Interior Needs:

  • Check plumbing, electrical &heating systems
  • Assure building is weather-tight
  • Mail collection (if not stopped)
  • Monitor phone messages if desired
  • Interior systems startup prior to owner’s return
  • Plant Care

(Depending on length of contract)

  • Interior systems shutdown
  • Regular security checks
  • Weather checks following wind storms, heavy rain, snow, etc.

Bonus Services:

    • Will perform minor repairs where needed during watch period. All repairs documented via photographs.
    • Complimentary building/systems checklist provided at end of watch period. Report identifies issues that should be addressed to retain proper function and avoid expensive downstream repairs.


  • Assessing your current home and defining possible options for additions, outdoor spaces or repairs. Green-Built advice, Energy Star and tax credits for all energy code upgrades.

Example Packages We Offer In Anacortes Area


  • HOUSEWATCH will walk around your home or business and visually inspect for storm damage and forced entry.
  • HOUSEWATCH will check all doors to insure they are secure.
  • HOUSEWATCH will pick up any mail and newspapers at your request.
  • HOUSEWATCH will immediately communicate any problems to the owner (or agent) and coordinate corrective action as may be required.
  • HOUSEWATCH will check water and electric meters to detect any abnormal usage.
  • HOUSEWATCH will check propane and fuel oil levels

LEVEL II: INSIDE/OUTSIDE SECURITY & OPERATIONS CHECK $40 per-visit Includes all of the above plus:

  • HOUSEWATCH will check, reset and change locations of light timers.
  • HOUSEWATCH will check heating temperatures on each floor level.
  • HOUSEWATCH will check for operating malfunctions and damage from them (water pipes, electrical, heating/furnace, etc.)
  • HOUSEWATCH will immediately communicate any problems to the owner (or agent) and coordinate corrective action as may be required.

LEVEL III: I/O SECURITY & OPERATIONS CHECK PLUS PLANTS $40 per-visit  Includes all the levels above plus:

  •   HOUSE WATCH will provide shut down and start up service.
  •   HOUSEWATCH will water and care for your plants per your instructions.

LEVEL IV: EVERYTHING, VEHICLES $50 per-visit  Includes all the levels above plus:

  • HOUSEWATCH will start, drive and insure that your vehicle will start when you return.
  • HOUSEWATCH  will help organize new move in’s.  Security, Telephone, TV-satellite.
  • HOUSEWATCH will receive packages and place in home.

Personalized Packages Available

  • Plant care is limited to indoor house plants. Additional plant care for greenhouses and gardens is available at an additional rate.
  • Mail pick up and forwarding is available.
  • Office time – doing research on a project. Contacting subcontractors or other details related to your home.
  • Handyman service – small repairs of existing structures and systems in your home.
  • Site time – Running errands, meeting service repairmen and getting bids for your projects. Mailing back forgotten items or delivery services.
  • Security visits – checking inside and outside of structures and yard perimeter. You can customize the visits weekly, twice a month or monthly. A more frequent schedule than monthly is suggested since problems can arise and it gives us a chance to get the repair done before your arrival. Visits are structured to cover the basics such as all windows and doors are secured, no waterline leaks, appliances are functioning along with cooling and heating systems.